Endodontic Associates consists of a group of highly trained dentists who have limited their practice to Endodontics (Root Canals). We take pride in our work and we are committed to excellence with your dental health as our primary concern.

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What our patients say

Upon entering the office, the atmosphere was very welcoming. Staff was as friendly in person as was on the phone making my first appointment. Dr. Campbell not only listened and offered options, but was very detailed in explaining his concern for his patients as to what service is best for the individual. In addition, the staff took pride in covering what was payable regarding your insurance and focused only on one patient at a time. Money counts and they make sure you spend your coins wisely!

- Endodontic Associates Patient

My oral surgeon was determined to make sure he got to the root of the problem. The first time I visited the office I was in so much pain I couldn’t think straight. After my x-ray he went straight to work relieving the pressure that I was feeling. The second visit he went back in to make sure the area was completely clear so that root would not be a reoccurring problem. Thank you so much!

- Endodontic Associates Patient

Everyone was very friendly and helpful from the front desk to clinical staff and the Dr. Costa. He and Rosa kept me laughing through the whole experience which eased my anxiety about the procedure. Dr. Costa also explained everything clearly from start to finish so there was no confusion about the problem or my treatment plan. Great job.

- Endodontic Associates Patient
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